RAIDER Sailboat Membership Application

Membership in the RAIDER Sailboat Class Association is open to owners or co-owners of
RAIDERS, crew members, and anyone who is interested and wants to help support the class.
All members receive membership card. RAIDER owners and co-owner "Active members" are
eligible to skipper in class-sanctioned one-design races and receive a decal, which must be
displayed on the transom of their boats when racing in sanctioned events.
Annual dues, payable on January I of each year, are:

$15.00 for Active Members

The RAIDER Class Association receives no income from any source other than membership
dues. Dues support the publication of the RAIDER ONE, the class association web site, our
class List Server, our National and District Championship events, and our class membership
in US SAILING. If you would like to join the class association, please complete and submit the
following form, and send your check for Active or Associate member dues to:

Cut Here

RAIDER Sailboat Class Association
Harry Stapor
640 Manor Place


Mailing Address __________________________________________________________

City __________________   State ____  Province __________ Zip/Postal Code ________

Work Phone_________________________     Home Phone________________________

FAX __________________ E-mail ___________________________________________

Please enclose check made out to John Drawe (Secretary/Treasurer), money order, or
VISA__ MasterCard__ Account Number___________________________exp.__________

And some additional background information (optional):

Age: ______ M /F ______

Sailing Experience: ____(Years) in what class(es)?:________________________________

Owner or Co-owner (Active)  $15.00

What is the hull number of your RAIDER?_____________________                                          

What specifics would you like to see in your RAIDER Class Association?_______________